Make Lansing Classy Again

Show Your Support!

The super classy yard signs that you have seen all over town are now available at Bad Annies, and Thrift Witch in Old Town Lansing. There is a $20 suggested donation and 100% of the proceeds go to support The Fledge in Lansing!
Thanks for doing your part to help Make Lansing Classy Again!

Ron on a bear skin rufg with a damned bald eagle looking over his shoulder
Its a twitter thing baby!
Ron with a beer like a damned american should be
Copyright: Absolutely No One 2021 – No Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: This is all a silly joke. Please don’t take this seriously. Like even for a minute. The whole purpose of this is to have fun nothing more, nothing less.
We’re not trying to make money, we’re not trying to piss people off, we’re just trying to make you smile.
Let’s keep it classy, keep it kind, and be good to one another. That’s the most damned American thing that you could ever do.